Escola Parque

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The educational concept of Escola Parque is expressed by its creators in two words: transformation and diversity. It aims to offer the experience of living transformations trough learning diversity, grounding into two areas: science and art. asking For that, it adopts five educational principles (Welcoming, Transformation, Experience, Training and Community) and uses various educational aids.

The intent is to use an architectural language capable of translating this concept with holisticism and consistency in its application in cities across the country in a sustainable manner, valuing our diversity and local cultures.

MapaAt José Eduardo Siqueira Barbosa – Letra e Ponto Publisher’s call, Synarqs embraced the project and coordinated a multidisciplinary team which brought together scientists, educators and environmentalists, generating a pattern to be used in all Escola Parque units, illustrating its application in a project designed to Osasco / São Paulo.

maqueteIt is not enough however, to adopt sustainable attitudes in the production process, choice of materials or tract of resources; it is also essential to contain the grounds and principles embraced by seeking dynamic and educational results, providing spaces that are able, not only to house the various activities, but also to promote an attitude of transformation that enthuse the community, trough which Escola Parque also becomes a tool.



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