Micro and Mini energy generation stimulated by tax exemption in Brazil

Photovoltaic panels at Ennis National Fish HatcheryThe National Council of Finance Policy (CONFAZ), signed an ICMS exemption agreement (Link in portuguese) to encourage micro generation (<100kW) and mini generation (< 1 MW).

ICMS is a tax that pertains to the circulation of goods, and providers of transportation and communications. As a state tax, it can vary from state to state, in São Paulo it starts at 12%. So far, Goiás, Pernambuco and São Paulo have joined. Minas Gerais was already exempting ICMS since 2012. This four states responds for 40% of the population.

According to data from the Energy Research Company (EPE), the exemption of ICMS in all states would increase the number of photovoltaic systems by 55% until 2023, compared to what was expected before the agreement.

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