One of solar’s biggest problems about to be solved by Tesla Powerwall

tesla-powerwallPhotovoltaic advocates and enthusiasts are now contemplated with what most knew was needed, a quality, efficient, affordable and scalable solution product that helps us deal with the seasonality of our Sun. At the size of a typical solar inverter hanged on a wall, the 10 kWh Tesla Powerwall battery module was launched yesterday with an ambitious plan, to bring energy to every remote community and even to be able to charge every vehicle on the planet in the future.

The Solar-collecting infrastructure capacity in the world has been growing in the last years, there’s going to be increased energy generated, and virtually nowhere to put it. Once the energy companies modernizes their structure to receive it, the costs will most certainly be paid by the consumer. At $350 per kWh, the cost of these batteries have reached prices that were expected for 2020. Making it already possible for costumers to decide if and when to sell it back to the grid or even to a neighbor.

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Tesla Energy has also developed the Powerpack, a 100 KWh utility solution, also scalable. To give a number, with 900 Million of them, the whole world could be transitioned to renewable electricity. And this is a quite realistic aim. “Our goal is to fundamentally change the way the world uses electricity (…). The goal is a total transformation of the world energy infrastructure” said Chief Executive Elon Musk told a news conference at the Tesla design studio in Hawthorne (California).

According to Reuters, Deutsche Bank estimates that sales of stationary battery systems for storing electricity for households and businesses could be up to $ 4.5 billion in revenue for Tesla. The storage of electricity industry, which hardly valued $ 200 million in 2012, would reach $ 19 billion in 2017, according to IHS CERA consulting firm.

tesla-motors-batteriesThe Powerpack solution is already being installed on their GigaFactory 1. A giant solar powered machine following Teslas’s policy for open source.

As the utilities also make a good use of this technology, and they probably will, it will be a new step on the energy transition where everybody wins.


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