Projects and visualization for solar pannels instalations – The Netherlands

In visual terms the positioning of solar panels, although relatively simple, may be a hindrance to clients concerned with the aesthetics and possible spatial discomfort caused by its installation. The illustrations below were requested as means to help the clients on clearing any doubts over the future viewable results.

Farm land – Haren – Clique to increase

On this farm land  there was sufficient space for a two phases planning for placing a ground-based solar power system of 48 panels. Phase 1 should provide 24 panels to cover the existing power demand. Including one electric car. In Phase 2, by the additional installation of another 24 panels, 5000kWh electricity to the growing sustainable energy demands in the region.

As the solar modules couldn’t be installed on the roof (natural reed), it was requested that the project should also contemplate its influence on environmentally visual quality. This type of energy generation may affect the perception of environmental / visual quality in the environment. 

Miscelaneous – Groningen

Radijstraat – Groningen – Click to increase

The south side of Radijs Street is a contiguous block of 82 apartments and houses. 41 small apartments on the ground floor and 41 slightly larger upstairs apartments on first and second floor.

The municipality of Groningen granted the investment in solar panels. The lower energy bill goes to the tenants.

The plan was for 8 panels per every two homes, divided into three panels (625 Wp) for the one on the ground level, and 5 panels (1225 Wp) for the apartment, each with its own connector / inverter.

In total 328 panels on the roof of the block. That fits on the roof.

Aiming for a good communication with the neighborhood and tenants (sensitive to environmental/visual qualities) an artists impression was requested, the plans also could help in the discussions with the municipality.
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