Brazilian Development Program for Distributed Power Generation

placas fotovoltaicasOn Dec 2015, the brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy launched the Distributed Generation Development Program for Energy (ProGD) and announced the investment of R$100 million (US$25 mi) for the installation of floating solar plants in water reservoirs in the cities of Balbina and Sobradinho.

With tax exemptions on the energy that is released on the network by the consumer, the program seeks to stimulate and expand the distributed generation.

In addition there will be a reduction in the rate of import duty for capital goods for the production of solar generating equipment from 14% to 2%, the brazilian development bank BNDS will support energy efficiency projects and credit and also financing lines will be created for projects in distributed generation. The program also includes professionals training and development to work in the sector.

Those who install equipment to their own consumption could sell the surplus to the local distributor. Credits can be used within five years, and may also be used to shoot down the bill of other properties under consumer ownership.

The program projects the membership of 2.7 million consumers within 15 years, moving more than R$ 100 billion (US$25 bi) in investments and generating 48 million MWh, equivalent to half Brazilian biggest hydroelectric power plant Itaipu production.

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