A cooperative is the sunniest renewable energy supplier in the Netherlands

groningen solar pannels photovoltaics Sustainable initiatives are fast spreading in the North of the Netherlands (Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe) where, in a grass roots way, they’re helping to achieve the transition to a sustainable society. NLD – Noordelijk Lokaal Duurzaam (Northern Local Sustainable) energy was created to support and accelerate the environmental ambitions of local initiatives in the northern Netherlands.

As an independent energy cooperative, NLD also facilitates and stimulates the supply of green energy from producers to consumers. Locally generated electricity is also locally used. One of the ways of support is the delivering of a fixed financial amount per customer to one of the participating local initiatives of their choice. So they can use it for the preservation of their own environment. A notable distinction is the reallocation of profit to local and environmentally responsible initiatives.

Founded in 2014, NLD energy supplies electricity from local energy producers and CO2-compensated gas. There are more than 30 local initiatives (eg Grunneger Power) who stand behind it.


NLD’s Energy Label in 2014

Today it delivers 100% green energy from which 41% is collected from the sun. According to Wise (World Information Service in Energy) it is, by far, the highest percentage in the Netherlands list of energy suppliers.

This grass roots movement around local values and environmentally responsible actions exemplifies, as we have said before, the harmonious reintegration of human activity with the natural processes of the planet. Many other good solutions continue to appear. And its importance will only grow, especially when we study its effects on society and the future of generations to come.

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